• Acne Beam Laser

    Acne Beam Laser

    Minimizing brown spots, red spots, and scars cause by acne. Acne BEAM Laser delivers the concentrated burst of light to the area of your skin being treated. The abnormal pigmented area of your skin, brown spots and red spots, and blood vessels will absorb the light which lighten up the dark spots and brighten up your facial skin tone. The optimum progress is usually visable after the 2nd treatment session. Redness and scars will fade away which creates the brighter and smoother skin.


    • Lesson the inmlamatory acne
    • Stimulate collagen production in the deep layers of skin
    • Diffuse the redness and brown spots caused by acne
    • Deeply cleanse up your pores which helps reduce chances of gettng acne in the future

    The Acne BEAM Laser treatment session takes approximately 15 minutes. Patients will start to see the immediate progress since the 1st week of treatment. For the best result, patients should come back for the treatment in every 2 – 3 weeks


    Before & After

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    • acne ba1_0

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