• Complete Scar Reducing

    Complete Scar Reducing

    With the combination of Beam Laser and DermoJet, needleless syringe injecteur which is the latest injection technology from America, we are an expert in reducing many types of scars by directly injecting medicine into the scar by using DermoJet technology which contains the accurate amount of medicine needed for each patient and delivers the medicine into the right skin layer. This allows the accurate and the most effective treatment. After the treatment, we also use Beam Laser in order to prevent the recurring of the already treated scars while reducing the new coming scars.



    • Effective scars reduction


    Post Treatment

    • The session takes approximately 15 minutes
    • The optimal result will appear after the 2 weeks
    • Patients should repeat the treatment once in every 2 – 4 weeks
    • No recovery time


    Before & After


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