• Derma Rejuvenation

    Derma Rejuvenation

    Renew and smoothening your skin with the Fractional Laser which gently stimulate the skin renewal and the natural collagen production without damaging the outer skin layers and near by tissue.

    For our Derma Reluvenation patients, Virat Skin Clinic offers an add-on special treatment for free, which incudes the Growth Factor Mask that provide the anti-oxidant to the skin. This special treatment promotes the effectiveness of the Fractional Laser treatment.


    • Our staff will apply the Anesthetic cream on your targeted skin area and leave it on for about 30 – 40 minutes. During this stage, redness may occur on the treated area which will disappear within 3 – 4 hours.
    • Fractional laser treatment can be applied no more than 1 time per month which depends on our doctor’s advice.
    • For the best and permanent result, patients should continuously receive the treatment for at least 4 – 6 times.


    Post Treatment

    • Sunscreen lotion with SPF > 30 and moisturizing cream should be applied regularly.
    • The Derma Rejuvenation treatment process takes about 45 minutes.
    • Patients should repeat the treatment once in every 4 weeks.
    • The estimated recovery time is about 1 week.

    Before & After


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