• Derma tightening

    Derma tightening

    Treatment with Elos Plus Skin Tightening Laser. With the latest technology and the mix of laser light and the radio frequecy, we are able to stimulate collagen at the dermis, deepest skin layer, and to get rid of the old cells while producing new skin cells. By doing this, your skin is brighter, tighter, and smoother.



    • Face lifting
    • Fine lines and wrinkles removal
    • Pores tightening
    • Suitable for every skin tone and skin condition


    Post Treatment

    • Visible progess since the 1st session
    • For the best result, patients should receive the treatment once a month for at least the first 2 months
    • To maintain the optimal progress, patients should repeat the treatment once in every 2 – 3 months
    • The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes
    • No recovery time


    Before & After

    • sublative ba1_1
    • sublative ba2_1
    • sublative ba3_0
    • sublative ba4_0
    • sublative ba5
    • sublative ba6


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