• Derma White

    Derma White

    Skin anti-aging treatment that gently brightening up your facial skin

    Laser ELight treatment removes exessive pigment which brights up your skin tone since the first treatment session. The treatment timulates the natural collagen at the deepest skin layer and builds up skin elasticity which fades away visible fine lines on the treated skin area. It also revive the skin condition which supports the skin cell renewal, youth of your skin, and tight pores.



    • During the treatment, patients may feel warm at the treated skin area.
    • Since the treatment does not cause pain, there is no need for the Anesthetic cream.


    Post Treatment

    • Patients should avoid the direct sunlight exposure
    • Sunscreen lotion should be applied regularly
    • Visible progress since the 1st session
    • Treatment takes approximately 30 minutes
    • Patients should repeat the treatment once in every 2 – 3 weeks
    • No recovery time


    Before & After

    • atv ba3_1
    • emax ba1_3
    • glp ba 2
    • sr ba1
    • sr ba2


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