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    Virat Skin Clinic’s Filler Plus Treatment fulfills your beauty and perfectionize your facial skin with our dermal filler, which consists of natural collagen that helps restore water balance in your skin. Filler Pluse Treatment helps to effectively reduce unwanted wrinkles, enhance shallow contours, add fullness and definition to area such as under eyes and cheeks area. Moreover, the filler can also help enhance shapes of parts on the face such as nose, chin, and lips by our specially customized injection technique designed by our highly skilled doctors. The optimal impact of a single treatment can be seen immediately and can last for around 8 – 9 months. This filler is biodegreadable therefore it will safely, naturally disappear in the body system.



    • Fulfills the nose to mouth line and lines around the mouth
    • Adds fullness and definition to under eyes area and cheeks area
    • Enhances natural and full lips
    • Replaces soft tissue volume loss and scars correction
    • Natural and safe


    Post Treatment

    • Immediate result
    • The treatment takes approximately 15 minutes
    • For the long lasting optimal result, top-up treatment is recommended after 8 – 12 months
    • No recovery time


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