• Skin lifting botox

    Skin lifting botox

    With our special technique, Micro Volume, combined with our high skilled doctors, specialized in Skin Lifting Botox, we are able to professionally reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while maintaining the patient’s natural look. Unlike normal skin lifting botox injection technique, we customize the appropriate doze of Botox to perfectly fit with different patient’s skin condition and carefully select the suitable injection area. As a result, we are able to give the surprisingly satisfiable outcome. Our patient’s face looks younger, and more natural than other injection techniques.



    • Reducing ine lines and wrinkles
    • Giving back youth and balance to your facial skin while maintaing the natural look
    • Ability to show facial expression right after the treatment


    Post Treatment

    • Optimal progress within 2 weeks
    • The treatment only takes approximatelt 15 minutes
    • For the best result, patients should repeat the treatment once in every 5 – 6 months
    • No recovery time


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